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Implementing Loan-To-Value and Debt-To-Income Ratios
by Beata Bierut, Tomasz Chmielewski, Adam Głogowski, Andrzej Stopczyński, Slawomir Zajączkowski

How to Get the Best Home Loan
by W. Frazier Bell

Save Time and Money-and Get the Loan That’s Right for You

Ever-changing mortgage guidelines . . . confusing financial forms . . . if you’re buying or refinancing a home, you know all too well how overwhelming and intimidating the mortgage process can be. This revised edition of How to Get the Best Home Loan guides you through all the critical issues and demystifies the mechanics of mortgage lending-everything from disclosures and fees to closing costs, points, and making payments. Longtime mortgage banking industry insider and former realtor W. Frazier Bell helps you sidestep the risks of financing a mortgage and sheds light on many unknown aspects that keep borrowers from making intelligent, money-saving decisions.

Written in clear, simple language, this comprehensive Second Edition features new information on desktop underwriting, merged credit reports, and using the Internet, as well as updated sections on verifications, qualifying, and loan types. Bell gives you hands-on access to his hard-won experience, providing the tools you need to:
* Understand why lenders do the things they do
* Learn what to look for when comparing loans and lenders
* Head off potential problems and expensive mistakes
* Navigate FRMs, ARMs, FHAs, GEMs, and TILs
* Know why certain loans may be better for you than others
* Save yourself hundreds, even thousands, of dollars

Packed with real-life examples, sample forms, and proven advice, How to Get the Best Home Loan, Second Edition will ensure that you get the right loan, at the right price, from the right lender.

Investing in Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities
by Glenn M. Schultz

A complete guide to investing in and managing a portfolio of mortgage- and asset-backed securities

Mortgage- and asset-backed securities are not as complex as they might seem. In fact, all of the information, financial models, and software needed to successfully invest in and manage a portfolio of these securities are available to the investment professional through open source software. Investing in Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities + Website shows you how to achieve this goal.

The book draws entirely on publicly available data and open source software to construct a complete analytic framework for investing in these securities. The analytic models used throughout the book either exist in the quantlib library, as an R package, or are programmed in R and incorporated into the analytic framework used.

  • Examines the valuation of fixed-income securities—metrics, valuation framework, and return analysis
  • Covers residential mortgage-backed securities—security cash flow, mortgage dollar roll, adjustable rate mortgages, and private label MBS
  • Discusses prepayment modeling and the valuation of mortgage credit
  • Presents mortgage-backed securities valuation techniques—pass-through valuation and interest rate models

Engaging and informative, this book skillfully shows you how to build, rather than buy, models and proprietary analytical platforms that will allow you to invest in mortgage- and asset-backed securities.

High-loan-to-value Lending
by United States. General Accounting Office

Loan Processing: Career Training
by Alex Johnson

Becoming a loan processor is a wise career choice. Loan Processors earn an exceptional income these days. If you would like to start grossing the income, you have always anticipated, our training guide will open many doors of opportunity for you. You will discover, once in the mortgage industry, the possibilities are unlimited. We have designed our training to be short and uncomplicated as possible giving you the best chance toward success. As an extra bonus, we included sections for employment help, leads and tips for you as well as many sample forms, and an awesome mortgage glossary. Absolutely free, we included the National Component Prep Test, A and B. C. with answers. At the risk of sounding pushy, at such a low cost, we are giving you one heck of a deal. We offered you all we can, now you must take the first step and keep walking! You can only grow from this point on. You do not have to be among the unemployed. If you have desired to earn a great income, your opportunity is here knocking?

The Truth about Your Bad Home Loan
by Sandy White

If every defaulting loan followed the advice in this book, this country could avoid increases in homelessness, crime, domestic abuse, broken neighborhoods, and so much more. Keeping these families in place as long as possible, and maintaining the property, is in the best interest of the borrower, lender, neighborhoods, law enforcement and government. Sandy White offers: * State specific resources for filing complaints; * The stages of foreclosure and eviction; * Foreclosure scam awareness and the law; * An understanding of options that may help save money; * How and why you should stay in your house as long as possible. The information in this book will help get your voice heard, document your position, and possible recourse against the people that violated your trust. This book is a must read for anyone with a bad mortgage loan, industry professionals, and those seeking a future mortgage loan.

The Loan Officer’s Little Black Book
by Phil Leary

Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms
by William E. (Bill) Roark, William R. (Ryan) Roark

An invaluable resource for real estate professionals and students

Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms puts the terms used every day in the marketing and study of real estate at your fingertips. With a simple A-to-Z format, this comprehensive reference guide gets right to the point, providing brief but clear definitions and understandable explanations for more than 300 current terms and concepts used in every aspect of the real estate industry. An essential communication tool for anyone working in real estate management, insurance, economics, and urban planning, this practical guide is equally valuable for libraries, academics, and students.

Compiled by Bill and Ryan Roark, realtors and co-hosts of “Taking Care of Business,” a live weekly real estate news and information talk radio program, the Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms provides quick and easy access to the terminology that’s unique to the real estate industry. From A (AAA Tenant, absorption rate, abstract) to Z (zoning) and everything in between, this handy reference resource will ensure you’re not at a loss for words when dealing with the legal and financial issues related to real estate and property. The book also includes an appendix of sample forms and contracts and another that covers measurements and conversions.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms explains:

  • adjustable rate
  • brokerage fee
  • due diligence
  • internal rate of return (IRR)
  • loan to value (LTV)
  • non-binding agreement
  • planned unit development (PUD)
  • recapture rate
  • sale leaseback
  • tertiary trade area
  • upside/downside
  • warranty deed
  • and much more!

The Concise Encyclopedia of Real Estate Business Terms is equally valuable as a professional reference guide and as a classroom and library resource.

Roskey’s Guide to Smart Housing Choices
by Carol B. Roskey

For generations, it has been an axiom that the purchase of a home is the greatest single investment the average person makes. The corollary has always been thatif you take good care of that homeit will inevitably be a good investment, permitting you to sell your home at a profit or allowing you to take out a large loan on the equity youve built up. While the axiom is still true, the corollary is no longer true. Many Americans have lost their homes due to the Great Recession and still more owe more on their homes than the homes are worth. People once made a lot of money on flipping homes; now many wonder if they should buy homes at all. There are unmistakable signs that we are headed into an even worse recession, making any housing decisions more important than ever. An acknowledged expert, Dr. Carol Roskey has spent a lifetime in studying all aspects of the housing field from financing to the best kinds of insulation. With her help, you can make well informed decisions.

Estimating the value of subsidies for federal loans and loan guarantees
by Deborah Lucas, Marvin Phaup, Ravi Prasad, United States. Congressional Budget Office