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The S Corporation Answer Book
by Sydney S. Traum, Judith Rood Traum

This quick-reference manual lets you help clients take full advantage of their S corporation status and minimize their taxes. it leads you directly to authoritative information on every aspect of the S corporation, enabling you to: Arm the S corporation against the potential tax traps hidden in the Small Business Tax Protection Act. Maximize the tax benefits of S corporation status. Make a qualified Subchapter S Subsidiary (QSub) election. Identify dispositions that will trigger the built-in gains tax. Avoid added tax liability or loss of S corporation status from passive investment income. Capitalize on the permissible differences in stock rights to facilitate estate planning and ownership transfers. Determine allocation of income, losses, and deductions in the termination year of the S corporation . Plus, there are citations To The controlling rules, regulations, and court decisions that will save you hours of research.

Commercial Law Aspects of Residential Mortgage Securitisation in Australia
by Pelma Rajapakse, Shanuka Senarath

This book evaluates key commercial law aspects of the relevant law and legislation governing residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBSs) in Australia from a legal perspective. Within the context of a “public benefit test” framework, the book seeks to critically evaluate the impact and effectiveness of current law and regulation governing RMBSs. There is a dearth of both academic and practical literature on the legal and regulatory issues surrounding RMBSs in Australia. The book aims to make a contribution to the formulation of law and public policy by suggesting a number of reforms to the current law and practice surrounding RMBSs in Australia. In part, these suggested reforms will be based on the lessons learned from the experiences of overseas jurisdictions such as Canada, the U.K, and the United States.

A Return to the Common Reader
by Beth Palmer, Adelene Buckland

In 1957, Richard Altick’s groundbreaking work ‘The English Common Reader’ transformed the study of book history. Here, the editors ask what Altick’s concept of the ‘common reader’ actually means in the wake of a half-century of research.

Acts Passing at a General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia
by Virginia

Includes separately published extra and called sessions.

Joint Volumes of Papers Presented to the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly

Includes various departmental reports and reports of commissions. Cf. Gregory. Serial publications of foreign governments, 1815-1931.