Watch Online Saturday Night Live Movies

Want to behold the glory that is ‘Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special’ on your TV or mobile device at home? Tracking down a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the movie via subscription can be confusing, so we here at want to take the pressure off.

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special (2015)

A three-hour prime-time special celebrating SNL ’​s fortieth year on the air.

Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary (1999)

A TV special celebrating the 25th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. Before a celebrity audience, many of the former cast members and guest hosts return to perform their signature monologues and present a look back at some of the best comedy skits and musical numbers of the past two and a half decades.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd (2005)

A collection of classic Saturday Night Live sketches featuring Dan Aykroyd.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell (2002)

The best skits from Will Ferrell’s days on Saturday Night Live 1995-2002

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Christopher Walken (2004)

A collection of Christopher Walken’s greatest SNL skits and hosting jobs

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dana Carvey (1999)

From 1986 to 1993 Dana Carvey dominated the stage at Saturday Night Live with dead-on impressions and some of the most popular characters in SNL history. See the best of the Church Lady, Hans and Franz, George Bush, Ross Perot, Sassive Headwound Harry, Wayne’s World and many others. Plus there’s extra material, including Dana’s favorite scenes that were cut after Dress Rehearsal and never seen before now.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Amy Poehler (2009)

Amy Poheler’s best Saturday Night Live skectches and performances.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy (1998)

Before he was The Nutty Professor, before he was Dr. Dolittle, and even before he was the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy was an SNL comic! From 1981-1984 he entertained us with sketches as Gumby, Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, Velvet Jones and many more! He was before Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, and Tim Meadows! And after Garrett Morris!

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman (1998)

Classic Saturday Night Live skits featuring the hilarious Phil Hartman.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler (1999)

Before he was Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, The Waterboy, or Billy Madison, Adam Sandler was doing Saturday Night Live playing hilarious characters and singing hilarious songs like the Hanukkah song and Christmas song. Watch Adam act in his own star studded way as Canteen Boy, Cajun Man, Opera Man, and much more!