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Xero For Dummies
by Heather Smith

Master Xero in a flash to streamline accounting and manage more effectively

Xero For Dummies is a user-friendly guide to the accounting software that’s revolutionising the industry. Whether you’re setting up Xero from scratch, converting to Xero from another accounting software, or just want to get more out of Xero, this book provides an in-depth understanding of how the software works, and how to use it to manage your business more effectively. This second edition has been updated to cover the new and improved features, including better file storage, purchase order, and report generation, extended coverage of the Xero add-on ecosystem, and more, with all new screenshots that show you exactly what to do. You’ll learn how to automatically import and code bank transactions, set up accounts, customers, and suppliers, synchronise data, and generate reports that give you the information you need to manage your business more effectively.

Xero has changed the game in the accounting software industry. Their completely cloud-based single ledger system allows business owners to monitor their financial position in real time, and eliminates the need for endless data entry, backups, and software upgrades. Xero For Dummies is the only Xero-endorsed guide to getting the most out of the software, walking you through the basics to advanced use.

  • Save time reconciling with automatic imports and intuitive coding
  • Manage inventory, customers, suppliers, and more
  • Simplify accounts and deal with multi-currency transactions
  • Synchronise data seamlessly across multiple business platforms

From setting up your accounting system through to more detailed operational usage, this book contains tried-and-tested techniques that will help you optimise revenue, profits, and cash flow. Xero can streamline your accounting process and help you be a better manager — to wield it effectively, Xero For Dummies is the complete, informative guide you need.

Getting the Most Out of Xero In A Day For Dummies
by Heather Smith

You’re already familiar with the Xero system and how it feels to be working in the cloud. Now it’s time to expand your knowledge and really get the most out your Xero experience. This In A Day ebook will get you there.

Business decisions aren’t all about data; they’re about gut instinct and courage. But without the data (that you can easily access on the go with your Xero dashboards — on your iPad on a yacht in the Bahamas) you could be making critical decisions blindly. Not only does this ebook help you understand how to generate awesome management information, it also introduces you to tips and tricks that can further assist the processes of your business and provide you with the capacity to grow.

Inside you can take a look at the kinds of useful information you can generate, and how to customise information and reports to your needs. Check out Xero’s online networks and the different add-on solutions available to you and your team. Discover the online networking capabilities of Xero, the cost benefits of using add-ons, and which add-ons might be useful to you and your business. Generate useful information you can use to run your business with Getting the Most Out of Xero In A Day For Dummies.

Mastering Australian Payroll with Xero In A Day For Dummies
by Heather Smith

If you’ve been using the cloud-based Xero system and running an existing payroll outside of Xero, or you’re looking to employ people for your small business in Australia, then this In A Day book is the resource you need.

This book navigates through the payroll basics, and explains how to define payroll settings and set up employees. Mastering Australian Payroll with Xero In A Day For Dummies shows you how to define employee pay template settings, and helps you master some of the more advanced payroll functions in Xero.

Employment expense is a significant chunk of outgoings for many businesses, so you want to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases, and that you’re meeting all of the relevant Australian compliance obligations. With this resource handy, you’ll be confidently processing payroll in Xero in no time — in fact, you’ll be there in just one day!

Xero For Dummies
by Heather Smith

Get up and running with Xero in a flash

Xero is fast emerging as the leader of online accounting software around the world, representing a serious challenge to MYOB, Sage and Quickbooks. Xero For Dummies provides you with all the information you need to set up your own Xero account from scratch, convert to Xero from another accounting software provider or start using Xero to its full potential.

Easy to use and deceptively powerful, Xero is so much more than a spreadsheet – it can help you streamline reporting; manage inventory; simplify accounts; and organise suppliers, customers and more. Automatic imports, intuitive coding and seamless synching across multiple business platforms gets the paperwork done quickly so you can get back to running your business. This new fourth edition includes updates to the interface and coverage of the newest features, including updates on generating reports, working with fixed assets and managing contacts, sales and payables so you can optimise your system to help your business thrive.

  • Fine-tune your set-up, or convert from another accounting program
  • Manage daily activities with contacts, accounts, sales and payables
  • Master weekly and monthly reporting routines
  • Track inventory, monitor your business and get the most out of Xero

You didn’t start your business in order to become an accountant, but bookkeeping is critically important to the short- and long-term health of your company. Xero simplifies the process and saves you time, and Xero For Dummies helps you leverage every feature Xero has to offer.

Converting to Xero from MYOB In A Day For Dummies
by Heather Smith

Migrating from MYOB to Xero is an opportunity to examine whatinformation you really, really want from your accounting system,and also a chance to customise the data (and Xero) to suit thoseneeds. This In A Day book is focused on exporting data from theMYOB file you’ve been using, preparing that data so itimports into Xero easily, and then importing the data intoXero.

In no time you’ll be in the cloud with activated bankfeeds. You’ll be reconciling data on your mobile phone,enabling your accountant to simultaneously access data,strategically managing your business and meeting your taxobligations. 

Getting Started in Small Business For Dummies
by Veechi Curtis

Ensure success when starting your small business with this must-have introductory guide

Have you always wanted to know what it takes to run a successful small business? This easy-to-follow guide includes everything you need to know to get started. Turn your business idea into reality with handy information on all the basics, from learning how to create a strong business plan to developing a solid online presence.

  • Create your first business plan — discover how to develop smart business strategies and build a roadmap for success
  • Learn the legal jargon — protect your ideas and register your business properly
  • Market your business strategically — establish who your key customers are, research your rivals, and create a killer marketing plan
  • Take the stress out of bookkeeping — ensure all of your admin is covered, from choosing accounting software to handling petty cash
  • Master online marketing — explore different ways to reach customers with keyword optimisation and other online tools

Open the book and find:

  • Advice about being your own boss
  • Secrets for matching sales goals to savvy marketing strategies
  • Guidelines for keeping your finances in shape
  • A step-by-step guide to profit margins
  • Tips on using social media to promote your business

Learn to:

  • Decide what type of small business is right for you
  • Put together a winning business plan
  • Understand your financial and legal obligations
  • Maximise your online presence

Bookkeeping Essentials For Dummies – Australia
by Veechi Curtis

Get your books in order quickly and easily with this straightforward guide to Australian bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Essentials For Dummies is the must-have guide to understanding Australian bookkeeping. This vital reference provides the core information that all bookkeepers and small business owners need, with each task explained step by step, and tricky concepts broken down into simple and accessible language.

This second edition has been fully updated to reflect the impact of cloud-based accounting, and provides practical tips for working with MYOB, QuickBooks, Reckon and Xero. Discover how bank feeds and automated reconciliations can transform everyday bookkeeping, and how you can use these features, along with the cloud, to save time and make your bookkeeping processes more efficient. Find out how to create a new set of accounts, and figure out the best ways to record income and expenses.

Whether you balance your own books or pay someone else to do it, it’s crucial to have a sound understanding of basic bookkeeping. Bookkeeping Essentials For Dummies is the quick, easy way to get up to speed, with relevant and practical advice.

  • Choose the right accounting software for your business
  • Create systems for recording expenses, payments, receipts and sales
  • Reconcile accounts and chase the money you’re owed
  • Process employee pay and generate payroll reports
  • Understand GST, code transactions and complete Business Activity Statements

Say goodbye to dry explanations and confusing jargon. Bookkeeping Essentials For Dummies is your go-to guide in order to use the latest technology to its best advantage and develop new skills. Eliminate the stress of poor bookkeeping systems, and do your books efficiently with this lively resource.

Researching online for dummies
by Reva Basch

“Cheat Sheet” with Research Tips and Shortcuts Inside!

Find Out How to Use the Web Effectively for All Kinds of Research Projects! Ever been caught in a maze of irrelevant Web links that draw you further and further away from the topic you were trying to research? Researching Online For Dummies® shows you how to stay focused, find just what you need on the Net, and apply that information to the project you’re working on. Valuable Bonus CD Includes:

  • Microsoft’s popular Web browser
  • Netscape’s powerful Web browser
  • Northern Light: Excerpts of help files from this useful search engine
  • Acrobat Reader: For viewing and printing PDF files

Shareware programs are fully functional, free trial versions of copyrighted programs. If you like particular programs, register with their authors for a nominal fee and receive licenses, enhanced versions, and technical support. Freeware programs are free, copyrighted games, applications, and utilities. You can copy them to as many PCs as you like ? free ? but they have no technical support. System Requirements: 486 or faster PC with Windows 3.1 or later, or a Mac OS computer with OS 7.5 or later; at least 16MB of RAM; CD-ROM drive (2x or faster); and an Internet connection (14,400 BPS or faster modem or network ? regular access charges apply)

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

  • Choose the best search engine for your research project
  • Use search tools specialized for your area of interest
  • Link up with a virtual guru for guidance on your quest
  • Get just what you need from online libraries, archives, and gated information services
  • Tackle governmental cyber-bureaucracy like a special agent
  • Make the most of the business and investing data on the Web
  • Verify your information, deal with copyright issues, and cite online resources properly

Getting Started in Bookkeeping For Dummies
by Veechi Curtis

Created especially for the Australian customer!

Learn the basics of bookkeeping and start on the path to success!

If you’ve been putting off sorting through a mountain of receipts and invoices, delay no more& — this straightforward reference will help keep the finances of any business, no matter how large or small, in order. Getting Started in Bookkeeping For Dummies explains the essentials, from understanding GST through to recording everyday transactions and whipping up flawless reports.

  • Get started with the basics — understand double-entry bookkeeping and how to handle debits and credits
  • Find accounting software — choose the accounting program that’s right for you
  • Create record-keeping systems — set up procedures to help everyday business run smoothly
  • Track your transactions — record sales and payments, and reconcile accounts
  • Understand GST — calculate GST correctly and learn how to code transactions
  • Balance the books — reconcile bank accounts and make sure your work is spot on
  • General financial reports — provide accurate reports to help a business grow and succeed
  • Become a great bookkeeper — develop the right attitude for bookkeeping success

Open the book and find:

  • Simple ways to build a list of accounts
  • How to comprehend debits and credits
  • Tips for choosing accounting software
  • An explanation of GST and how it affects business transactions
  • Strategies for collecting overdue debts
  • Easy references for how to allocate tricky transactions
  • Advice on registering as a BAS agent