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Success as an Introvert For Dummies
by Joan Pastor

Thrive as an introvert in an extrovert world

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and author J.K. Rowling have more in common than being highly successful. They’re also introverts. Success as an Introvert For Dummies identifies common misunderstandings about introverts and highlights the strengths often found in people associated with this worldview.

Success as an Introvert For Dummies examines the traits common to introverts and the benefits they bring to both work and life. You’ll learn: how to boost your confidence while learning strategies for successfully living in an extrovert world; how to understand introversion and where you fall on the introvert/extrovert continuum; tools to improve relationships with colleagues, partners, friends, and children; ways to talk less, communicate more, and showcase your abilities at work; how to deal effectively with parties, interruptions, and crowds; and much more.

  • Offers examples of how introverts can thrive in a world dominated by extroverts
  • Outlines the positive aspects of introverted personality types
  • Provides actionable ways to promote introverted qualities in work and life

Success as an Introvert For Dummies is for anyone looking to understand the introvert’s worldview and how they fit into a society dominated by extroverts.

Baby Names For Dummies
by Margaret Rose

The fun and easy way to name the new bundle of joy
Brimming with over 5,000 names, from traditional to unique, this is the perfect reference for parents-to-be looking for naming guidance. It features a an impressive assemblage of options for both boys and girls-from Biblical, medieval, and Shakespearean names to musical and international names-along with a list of today’s most popular names and the favorite names of previous decades. Each entry contains variant spellings as well as the name’s meaning, history, and derivations. Plus, fun sidebars offer examples of celebrities who chose unique names for their little ones and perfect suggestions for future political leaders, artists, and movie stars.

AP English Literature & Composition For Dummies
by Geraldine Woods

Yes, you can pass the AP English Literature and Composition exam with ease! Just brush the dust off your thinking cap and get a little help from AP English Literature and Composition For Dummies. It gets you up to speed on all the topics and themes of the AP exam in a focused, step-by-step manner.

Beginning with an exam overview and ways to get the most out of an AP English class, this book has it all: long- and short-range planning advice, detailed chapters that discuss the four main literary genres, and two full-length practice exams — complete with detailed answer explanations and scoring guides. It helps you perfect the skills you need to get your best possible score. Two bonus appendixes provide a full list of teacher-recommended titles to choose from for the open-ended essay, as well as a quick grammar review to address the fundamentals of superior essay writing. Discover how to:

  • Get familiar with the exam format and the types of questions you’ll face
  • Figure out what the questions are really asking
  • Maximize your score on multiple-choice questions
  • Write effectively and eloquently about poetry, prose, and drama
  • Prepare for paired passages and craft a clever open-ended essay
  • Annotate poetry and prose like an expert

Passing the AP English Literature and Composition exam doesn’t have to be torture. Get AP English Literature and Composition For Dummies and find out how easy it can be.

Astrology For Dummies
by Rae Orion

Learn how to get your precise horoscope, decipher astrological symbols, and benefit from the phases of the moon with Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition. You’ll learn how to construct your birth chart, interpret its component parts, and use that information to gain insight into yourself and others. With easy-to-follow, hands-on guidance, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify the signs of the zodiac
  • Understand the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the rising sign, and the 12 houses
  • Discover the rulers of the signs
  • Map your own horoscope (or a friend’s)
  • Use astrology in daily life
  • Capture the heart of each sign of the zodiac, and more!

Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition demystifies astrological charts and uses plain English to show you how you can take advantage of the wisdom of the stars. Whether you’re looking to assess relationships, examine your potential, or make some basic decisions — like, when to go on a first date — Astrology for Dummies, Second Edition helps you discover how understanding your position in the cosmos illuminates the secret corners of the self, provides a key to understanding others, and even offers a glimpse into the future.

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies
by Nuala O’Sullivan, Geraldine Woods

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, UK Edition is grammar First Aid for anyone wanting to perfect their English and develop the practical skills needed to write and speak correctly. Each chapter focuses on key grammatical principles, with easy-to-follow theory and examples as well as practice questions and explanations. From verbs, prepositions and tenses, to style, expressions and tricky word traps, this hands-on workbook is essential for both beginners looking to learn and practise the basics of English grammar, and those who want to brush up skills they already have – quickly, easily, and with confidence. 


English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, UK Edition covers:

Part I: Laying the Groundwork: Grammar Basics      
Chapter 1: Placing the Proper Verb in the Proper Place              
Chapter 2: Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: Pairing Subjects and Verbs Correctly           
Chapter 3: Who Is She, and What Is It? The Lowdown on Pronouns
Chapter 4: Finishing What You Start: Writing Complete Sentences        

Part II: Mastering Mechanics          
Chapter 5: Exercising Comma Sense
Chapter 6: Made You Look! Punctuation Marks That Demand Attention           
Chapter 7: One Small Mark, a Whole New Meaning: Apostrophes         
Chapter 8: “Let Me Speak!” Quotation Marks
Chapter 9: Hitting the Big Time: Capital Letters         

Part III: The Pickier Points of Correct Verb and Pronoun Use  
Chapter 10: The Case of It (And Other Pronouns)      
Chapter 11: Choosing the Best Pronoun for a Tricky Sentence
Chapter 12: Travelling in Time: Tricky Verb-Tense Situations 
Chapter 13: Are You and Your Verbs in the Right Mood?

Part IV: All You Need to Know about Descriptions and Comparisons   
Chapter 14: Writing Good or Well: Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 15: Going on Location: Placing Descriptions Correctly
Chapter 16: For Better or Worse: Forming Comparisons           
Chapter 17: Apples and Oranges: Improper Comparisons        

Part V: Writing with Style  
Chapter 18: Keeping Your Balance               
Chapter 19: Spicing Up and Trimming Down Your Sentences  
Chapter 20: Steering Clear of Tricky Word Traps

Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 21: Ten Over-corrections
Chapter 22: Ten Errors to Avoid at All Cost

Word 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies
by Doug Lowe

  • Nine minibooks provide new and inexperienced Word users with the know-how to optimize the features of the long-anticipated release of the latest version of Word
  • Valuable minibooks cover Word basics; formatting text; various editing techniques; working with letters, envelopes, and labels; adding graphics; Web publishing; advanced document features; customizing Word; and programming Word with VBA
  • Offers insightful information for creating key documents such as reports, letters, business plans, and more for both the Web and print
  • Helps readers take advantage of the new Word features, including advanced collaboration, a results-oriented user interface, pre-built layouts, and more

Caribbean For Dummies
by Echo Montgomery Garrett, Kevin Garrett

The perfect introduction to Caribbean island getaways.

This complete guide helps you decide which island to visit based on what you want to do, when you want to go, and how much you have to spend. Focusing on the islands that are best for first-time visitors–and that offer the biggest bang for the buck–Caribbean For Dummies offers the best of the best and includes

  • Reviews of travel basics–from finding the very best deals to overcoming language barriers
  • Analysis of the benefits of package deals–the easiest, cheapest way to get to the islands
  • Coverage of Aruba, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Martin/St. Maarten, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

California For Dummies
by Cheryl Farr Leas

A gold mine of information in one complete volume.

The nation’s third largest state, California offers a range of diverse attractions for any–and every–traveler, from families to couples looking for a romantic getaway. Jam-packed with everything visitors need to know, this accessible guidebook includes:

  • Tips on getting around, from highwyas to airports
  • Handy itineraries for families, outdoor enthusiasts, city lovers, and more
  • Four-season coverage, from sunbathing at Venice Beach to skiing at Lake Tahoe
  • Details on San Diego, Los Angeles & Disneyland, Palm Springs & Death Valley, San Francisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Wines & Redwoods country, and the scenic Pacific Coast, including Carmel and Santa Barbara

Caribbean For Dummies
by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince

From Jamaica to Puerto Rico to Barbados, the Caribbean offers a whole world of beautiful destinations. Wherever you go, this is the only guide you need to plan the perfect island getaway with:

  • Full coverage of all the islands, from Aruba to the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Ten delicious Caribbean dishes to try
  • A run-down of the best beaches anywhere in the Caribbean
  • The best diving, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities

Like every For Dummies travel guide, Caribbean For Dummies, Third Edition includes:

  • Down-to-earth trip-planning advice
  • What you shouldn’t miss—and what you can skip
  • The best hotels and restaurants for every budget
  • Handy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pages

France For Dummies
by Cheryl A. Pientka, Laura M. Reckford

France for Dummies covers the highlights of France, from the fairy-tale castles of the Loire valley to the non-stop nightlife of the French Riviera. You’ll find candid, detailed reviews of the very best dining and accommodations, tips on sightseeing and even a list of the top ten French foods to indulge in. With information on the highlights of each region, the best seasons to visit and a calendar of events, France for Dummies is the only guide you’ll need to plan the perfect trip to France.