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The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans
by Grant Moon

In 1944, Congress created the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, later to be known as the G.I. Bill. The G.I. Bill provided an extensive collection of government-sponsored benefits to help returning soldiers better acclimate to civilian life after World War II and as a big “thank you” for their service to their country. Without a doubt, the veteran’s home loan entitlement program is the most widely-used VA benefit available today, with more than 20 million home loans insured by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs since the program’s inception. The VA home loan provides qualifying veterans, service members and reservists financing to buy a house with no money down and reduced closing costs with the lowest delinquency rate of any mortgage program in the market today. Yet despite its advantages, many lenders and eligible borrowers shun the VA program due to its perceived complexity. Even the eligible borrowers that truly want the VA loan can find themselves cajoled into other, more familiar loan programs from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and even the FHA loan program. The VA loan program does indeed have its own internal approval guidelines but they’re not a mystery and lenders who tend to shy away from offering the VA loan are doing a disservice to those who qualify. VA loans are quite easy to both approve and qualify for but the process takes a slightly different path than other programs. That’s why lenders who specialize in VA loans capture a greater market share and dominate the VA home loan marketplace. This book, The Ultimate Guide to VA Home Loans provides frank, easy to follow advice for those seeking their first or their final VA loan. From a thorough explanation on qualifying, credit and finances to describing the simple pleasures of home ownership, the author provides an invaluable contribution to his fellow veterans with his first book. For those planning to use their VA home loan benefit, reading this book is the very first step toward a owning their very own home.

The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Financing
by David Reed

To get the biggest return, real estate investors need the right financing. And as they buy multiple properties, their debt to equity rises, making it more difficult to get the kind of deal they need. As many investors have learned the hard way, getting the wrong financing can wipe out their profits, hold them back from selling because of a lack of equity, or force them to try to sell for more than the market will bear. The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Financing is the one book that shows readers how to get the right financial package for the biggest return on their investment. As a respected author and mortgage banker, David Reed has spent more than 20 years helping investors finance their properties. Here, he offers advice on such crucial topics as: * financing options for different property types * the financial implications of renting vs. flipping * setting rental rates * the challenges and benefits of being a landlord, including rent loss coverage * the pros and cons of having partners * tips on financing a second home, duplex, multi-family unit, or condo Complete with essential advice on financing and a glossary of investment terms, this is the one guide that will help readers start making real money.

Cashing in on Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales
by Chip Cummings

Cashing in on Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales shows investors exactly how to take advantage of what many are calling the best upcoming investment real estate market we have experienced in decades! Chip distinguishes the difference between good deals and bad deals, reveals just how easy it is to find, evaluate, and obtain foreclosure properties, tells how to negotiate a profitable transaction, and unveils the power of using short sales and other strategies to create a win-win situation for the investor, the seller, and the bank. Even first-time buyers looking to score a bargain on purchasing their own home will be armed with all the tools they need to confidently evaluate and pursue a profitable deal – and save thousands in the process. Cashing In on Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales incorporates quotes and advice from top industry professionals, as well as a healthy appendix packed with state and national foreclosure guidelines, including valuable contacts and websites, sample forms, checklists, and all the necessary tools you need to find, evaluate, secure and profit from foreclosure properties.

Capital Budgeting Valuation
by H. Kent Baker, Philip English

An essential guide to valuation techniques and financial analysis

With the collapse of the economy and financial systems, many institutions are reevaluating what they are willing to spend money on. Project valuation is key to both cost effectiveness measures and shareholder value.

The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive examination of critical capital budgeting topics. Coverage extends from discussing basic concepts, principles, and techniques to their application to increasingly complex, real-world situations. Throughout, the book emphasizes how financially sound capital budgeting facilitates the process of value creation and discusses why various theories make sense and how firms can use them to solve problems and create wealth.

  • Offers a strategic focus on the application of various techniques and approaches related to a firm’s overall strategy
  • Provides coverage of international topics based on the premise that managers should view business from a global perspective
  • Emphasizes the importance of using real options

Comprised of contributed chapters from both experienced professionals and academics, Capital Budgeting Valuation offers a variety of perspectives and a rich interplay of ideas related to this important financial discipline.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business
by Steve Mariotti

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re from; you can start a profitable business. The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business will show you how.

Through stories of young entrepreneurs who have started businesses, this book illustrates how to turn hobbies, skills, and interests into profit-making ventures. Mariotti describes the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur and covers the nuts and bolts of getting a business up, running and successful.

Introduction to Data Mining and Its Applications
by S. Sumathi, S.N. Sivanandam

This book explores the concepts of data mining and data warehousing, a promising and flourishing frontier in data base systems and new data base applications and is also designed to give a broad, yet in-depth overview of the field of data mining. Data mining is a multidisciplinary field, drawing work from areas including database technology, AI, machine learning, NN, statistics, pattern recognition, knowledge based systems, knowledge acquisition, information retrieval, high performance computing and data visualization. This book is intended for a wide audience of readers who are not necessarily experts in data warehousing and data mining, but are interested in receiving a general introduction to these areas and their many practical applications. Since data mining technology has become a hot topic not only among academic students but also for decision makers, it provides valuable hidden business and scientific intelligence from a large amount of historical data. It is also written for technical managers and executives as well as for technologists interested in learning about data mining.

The Secret Book of Free Money
by Roger Johnson

Free grants, loans and money sources from government and private companies.