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Trading For Dummies

Authors : Michael Griffis, Lita Epstein
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Published Date : 2009-04-27
ISBN-13 : 9780470527139
Page : 384 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Trading For Dummies

Making informed trading decisions regardless of the market’s condition

Savvy traders can make money in both up and down markets. Trading For Dummies, Second Edition is for investors at all levels who are looking for a clear guide to successfully trading stocks in any type of market. It is also for investors who have experience trading and who are looking for new, proven methods to enhance the profitability of their investments. This no-nonsense guide presents a proven system for analyzing stocks, trends, and indicators and setting a buy-and-sell range beforehand to decrease risk in any type of market. It stresses the practice of position trading, conducting technical analysis on a company and its performance, and research methods that enable the trader to strategically select both an entry and exit point before a stock is even purchased. This updated guide features updated stock charts, position trading tips and techniques, and fresh ways to analyze trends and indicators.

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